Our 2020 Group Climb Schedule


Group climbs have set departure dates and are a bit cheaper than private climbs as you’ll walk with and share the camp with others in your group.


Important information about our group climbs:

  • The more time you spend hiking and acclimatizing on Mt. Kilimanjaro, the greater your chances to reach the top. Therefore all of our group climbs include a minimum of seven days of hiking.

  • Our group climbs are limited to a maximum of 10 climbers to ensure the best chance of a successful summit.

  • All itineraries include a night before and after your climb. 

  • In case your journey to JRO Airport involves a long flight and major time change, we recommend adding an additional night in the hotel to allow proper time to recuperate and be well rested for your climb. 

  • If our group climb dates and itineraries don't match your schedule, we offer private climbs at competitive pricing to accommodate your group.

  • Group climb pricing is based on two people sharing. Single supplement is available in case you do not wish to share your room or tent


Our Group Routes and Itineraries

Machame Route

Kilimanjaro - Kibo, Barranco Camp, Kissing Rock, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro

The Machame Route begins at Machame Gate at the southern border of the mountain and exits at Mweka Gate, located east of the starting point.

It is a popular route and can get busy during high season.


Because it climbs high and sleeps low it is great for acclimatization. 

Lemosho Route

Local Moshi Adventures Lemosho Route, Hiking Kilimanjaro, Camping on Kilimanjaro, Karanga Valley Camp

The Lemosho Route begins in the west at Londorossi Gate. It circles around Kilimanjaro and joins the Machame Route on the third day.


It is one of the newer routes and features the longest itinerary, which is perfect for acclimatization.


Slowly becoming more popular.

Mawenzi Peak, Hiking-Kilimanjaro, Local Moshi Adventures Rongai Route, Mountain Climbing, camping on Kilimanjaro

The Rongai Route approaches Kilimanjaro from the north and exits via Marangu on the southern side of Kilimanjaro. 

It is the route less traveled and remains more quiet than other routes.

Because of its northern approach it sees less rain than the southern routes.

Rongai Route