Home to Mount Kilimanjaro, Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and the Olduvai Gorge otherwise known as the Cradle of Mankind, respectively all UNESCO World Heritage sites. Tanzania is a favorite for climbers, safari lovers and archaeologists alike.

Whether you're planning to tackle the challenging Mount Kilimanjaro climb, go on a breathtaking safari, or are looking to learn about Tanzanian culture, our experienced and friendly guides are ready to show you all the beauty Tanzania has  to offer.

We specialize in creating your personalized itinerary to match your schedule, interests and budget.

Welcome to Tanzania!

Mawenzi Peak, Hiking-Kilimanjaro, Local Moshi Adventures Rongai Route, Mountain Climbing, camping on Kilimanjaro

Experience this off-the-beaten-path route and its remote tranquility.

Kilimanjaro - Kibo, Barranco Camp, Kissing Rock, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro

Enjoy the relaxed pace and stunning views.

Local Moshi Adventures Lemosho Route, Hiking Kilimanjaro, Camping on Kilimanjaro, Karanga Valley Camp

Take the long way up and enjoy an extra day.

Marangu Route, horombo-hut, hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro - Local Moshi Adventures

Enjoy the comfort of hut lodging.

Ngorongoro Crater, Local Moshi Adventures, Safari, Tanzania, largest intact caldera, world heritage site

The world's largest intact caldera. At the crater's base, the crater walls offer a dramatic backdrop and an abundance of wild life.

Serengeti, Local Moshi Adventures, Great Migration, Safari, Tanzania, Lions

A high diversity of habitats, ranging from forests, rivers, grass- and woodlands,

the Serengeti, sustains many different animal species. 

Lake Manyara, Local Moshi Adventures, Tarangire National Park, Tanzania Safari, Elephants, local moshi adventures

Although lesser known, both of these National Parks feature an abundance of wildlife and are well worth a visit.

An early morning hunt with the Hadzabe (Bushmen), as well as a visit to the skilled blacksmiths of the Datoga people can be added to any safari itinerary. 

Tanzania Coffee, things to do in Moshi, one day trip, farm to table coffee tour

Hands on coffee tour the traditional Chagga way. Learn about cultivating, preparing and roasting the beans.  

Kikuletwa Hot Springs, Chemka, one day trip, things to do in local Moshi

Kikuletwa Hot Springs, a small oasis in a semi arid landscape. Take a dip in the crystal clear water of this refreshing natural pool.

Materuni Waterfall, things to do in Moshi, one day hike Local Moshi Adventures, Chagga, Foothills Kilimanjaro

Meander the gorgeous foothills of Kilimanjaro on your way to an impressively tall waterfall.

One Day Hike Marangu Route, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Local Moshi Adventures, hiking

Curious about what climbing Mt Kilimanjaro would be like? Try a one day hike  on the Marangu Route.

Safety First

Our guides are licensed by the Kilimanjaro Parks Department and trained in First Aid.

Pulse Oximeters are used to measure heart rate and blood oxygen saturation of every client on every trek.

We carry Emergency oxygen, a First Aid Kit and coordinate with AMREF flying doctors helicopter evacuation for severely injured people.


Our Philosophy

Maintaining competitive prices and creating an unforgettable experience for our customers is as important as assuring our porters' happiness.

Our promise to our porters is to adhere to the safe and ethical guidelines of KPAP (Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project) to ensure their safety and quality of life.

The Local Moshi team believes strongly, it is the climber’s responsibility to ensure that the climbing company of their choosing does not participate in the exploitation of porters.