Safety First

Our licensed mountain and safari guides have years of experience in leading Kilimanjaro climbs and spotting wildlife while on safari. On the mountain our guides carry portable oxygen and conduct pulse oximeter readings throughout the climb.

Both on safari and Mt. Kilimanjaro our guides carry a first aid kit.


In addition we have partnered with AMREF Flying Doctor emergency rescue for Kilimanjaro climbs as well as safaris.

Responsible trekking

We are an environmentally and socially responsible company and our guides have been trained to "Leave No Trace" and believe in the fair and ethical treatment of our porters.

First hand experience

All Local Moshi Adventures team members have personally climbed Mt Kilimanjaro and explored the various National Parks on the Northern Tanzania Safari Circuit. We have visited many hotels and lodges and have chosen ours based on amenities, comfort and service while keeping budget in mind.

Personalized itineraries at competitive pricing

We offer Kilimanjaro climbs and safaris at a time that suits you. You have the flexibility to select your own travel dates, as well as being on a private tour by yourself or with your group of friends and family. All Local Moshi team members participate in the planning process of your personal journey.


Support and guidance

We like answering questions and will be using the first hand knowledge of our team members to answer any questions you may have, starting with the planning process and ending with the completion of your trip.

Client care

We are aware visiting Tanzania to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro or go on safari is a trip of a lifetime for most clients.


As such we take our responsibility of arranging personal itineraries very seriously. We like to pay attention to details when it comes to client care, and our team members have received customer service training to cater to the individual needs of our clients.

Dietary needs

While on the mountain our cooks will be happy to accommodate dietary needs or preferences such as lactose free, gluten free, vegan and vegetarian meals. During safari the lodges we have chosen offer buffet style dinners including the aforementioned options.


Porter care

We believe the hard work of the porters working on Mount Kilimanjaro is the lifeblood of all climbing companies operating in this region of Tanzania. Without the porters, tour companies could not exist and many climbers would not reach Uhuru Peak. Unfortunately many climbing companies offer cheap climbs on the back of their porters.

Local Moshi Adventures is in the process of becoming a member of the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project, an independent organization which ensures the safety and proper treatment of all porters on Mt. Kilimanjaro. 

As such we have a KPAP representative on every climb ensuring proper porter treatment, including living wages, clothing and shelter,  three meals per day as well as correct tipping procedures.

Meet The Team

Elifuraha Msechu

Director Climbing/Co-Owner

Born and raised in the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro, he received his license from KINAPA in 2009 and has successfully guided many clients to Uhuru Peak since then.

He specializes in cultural tours around Moshi and Arusha. His love for his country, as well as his appreciation for people will make your visit an unforgettable journey.  

Anya Beutler

Customer Service/Co-Owner

Africa enthusiast. Climbed Kilimanjaro three times and has spent extensive time on safari in Tanzania as well as in various other African countries. She fell in love with Tanzania and its incredibly warm and friendly people. Anya has 31 years of experience working in the travel industry and is ready to help you plan your trip of a lifetime.

Piotr "Ski" Jagninski

Director Planning/Co-Owner

World traveler and photographer extraordinaire. Ski loves meeting people and sharing stories. 

He has a passion for details and enjoys planning personalized Mt. Kilimanjaro climbs as well as safaris. In creating your itinerary he will make sure every little detail has been thought off and included. 

Salum Bakari

Director Safari

Born and raised in Arusha, Salum received his Safari license at the Wildlife College in 1996. His natural instinct and excellent vision allow him to notice the slightest movement alongside the road, making him an outstanding safari guide. If any wildlife, small or large is in the area, Salum will be sure to spot it.