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Kilimanjaro Plus Size Climb 2025


Deposit - A 20% deposit, paid by Bank Wire Transfer or Credit Card payment is required to confirm the booking. For the booking to take effect, the Climber must be informed that the deposit has been received. 50% of this deposit is refundable.


Balance - The remaining balance (80%) is due 30 days prior to trip begin. 

Refund - After the Climber has paid the balance in full the following refund Terms and Conditions apply:

  • If the Climber cancels the trip between 7 and 29 days of trip begin a 50% refund will be issued.

  • If the Climber cancels the trip 6 days or less prior to trip begin there will be no refund.

Trip Cancellations - Trip cancellations must be made in writing and acknowledged by Local Moshi Adventures.  

Trip Interruptions - If the Climber leaves the trip - voluntarily or involuntarily - under any circumstance after the trip has begun, any additional cost incurred due to such actions is the responsibility of the Climber. There are no refunds for services not utilized. 

Liability Waiver - To participate in the climb a signed liability waiver from the Climber must be received by Local Moshi Adventures.

Insurance - Medical travel insurance covering high altitude trekking is a mandatory requirement to participate in our climbs.

Booking - By making a booking, Climber accepts and is bound by these Terms and Conditions. A booking is accepted and becomes definite only when the Company sends an email explicitly stating that the trip is confirmed.

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