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Travellers are askin are there snakes?
Blue Monkey on Kilimanjaro. As seen by Local Moshi Adventures.

Including snakes, there are no dangerous animals on Kilimanjaro.

While you may encounter some monkeys swinging in distant trees as you are hiking the lower slopes of Kilimanjaro, vegetation and wildlife disappear, as you get to altitude.

Snake sightings are rare, because snakes are highly sensitive to movement. Groups of climbers hiking the trails scare them away.

Therefore snakes stay clear of trafficked areas.

Our guides and porters, who are on the mountain all year, have yet to see a snake on Kilimanjaro.

Dangerous Safaris?
Lions surrounding Local Moshi Adventures Landcruiser in Serengeti Safari

Safaris are not dangerous. Even though the animals are indeed wild, they are accustomed to the presence of humans in vehicles.

The most important thing is to stay inside the vehicle except for designated areas where it is ok to exit.

Animals are not used to seeing a person outside the vehicle and while they perceive humans as harmless inside the car, a human outside the car may be perceived as a threat or as prey.

Therefore, do not get out of the car unless your guide tells you it is ok to do so.

Snakes on safari?

Most likely you will not encounter any snakes, especially not at campsites and lodges.

As mentioned before, snakes are highly sensitive to movement and stay away from highly trafficked areas.

Your Local Moshi guide has been trained in first aid and you will have an AMREF Flying Doctors subscription to airlift you to the nearest hospital in case of a life-threatening emergency.

Local Moshi Adventures has not had any incidence of snake bite or other, neither on Kilimanjaro nor on Safari, since the inception of our company in 2011.


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