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Detailed information about our Kilimanjaro and Safari camping equipment

Sleeping Tents on Kilimanjaro

Four Season Mountain Tent with Vestibule used by Local Moshi Adventures.

Our tents on Kilimanjaro are four season mountain tents designed to withstand the windy conditions and cold temperatures encountered when sleeping at high altitude.

They feature a separate external vestibule to shelter shoes, poles and other gear.

Sleeping Tents on Safari

Local Moshi tents on a camping safari

When booking a camping safari

(not to be confused with a tented camp), we will pitch a tent for you at a public campsite designated by the Tanzania Parks Department.

Public campsites feature shared public bathroom facilities.

Our safari tent is a waterproof, 1 door tent with 2 windows that feature indoor & outdoor closures.

Along with the sleeping tents we will provide a foam sleeping pad, as well as foldable tables and chairs.

Dining Tents on Kilimanjaro

Enjoying a meal on Kilimanjaro served by Local Moshi Adventures

Weather conditions permitting you may chose to have your meal outside against the backdrop of the magnificent Mt. Kilimanjaro, or in case the weather does not cooperate, we provide dining tents for all group sizes.

Along with the dining tents we provide foldable tables and chairs.

Inside a Local Moshi Dining Tent

Sleeping Pads

Our climbs include a locally sourced foam sleeping pad.

These foam matresses are 2.5 inches thick and 78 inches long so they can accomodate even a tall person.

Unlike inflatable pads, our foam pads will not deflate from the cold or risk being punctured. In addition they are great at insulating a person against the cold on the ground and tend to be warmer and more comfortable due to their thickness.

Our sleeping pads are inspected and disinfected between climbs.

Foam Matress on Kilimanjaro

Private Toilet Tent

Local Moshi Adventures Private Toilet Tent on Kilimanjaro

Some of our climbers are not thrilled about using public toilets on Kilimanjaro. Therefore, except for backpacker and budget climbs, we include one private toilet tent per four climbers on our mid-range, 4-star and luxury cimbs.

This portable toilet will be set up at every campsite and is available for the exclusive use of our private climb groups.

It can be used just like a regular toilet at home. A few hand pumps will release water to rinse out the bowl.

The toilet crew is responsible for cleaning, maintaining and transporting the toilet between camps.

Rental Gear

In case you do not wish to carry many items with you in your luggage, especially bulky items such as a sleeping bag or a down jacket, please see our rental equipment pice list here.

Kilimanjaro Gear


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