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The difference explained

Local Moshi Kilimanjaro Climbers hiding behind cairns on Kilimanjaro. Machame Route.

Public Group Climbs

Group climbs (also called public climbs depending on the tour operator) have set departure dates and are a bit cheaper, as transportation and lodging will be shared. (Single supplement is available).

Many climbers looking for public group climbs are solo climbers wanting to join a group, not only to meet their budgetary needs, but also to meet other climbers.

Private Group Climbs

Private group climbs can be families, friends, co-workers and charity climbs.

There is no limit as to the number of participants.

On a private group climb there is flexibilty concerning the departure date, route, duration, or any of our add-on options. The itinerary is built based on group preferences. For example a choice of accommodations between backpackers, budget, mid-range, 4-star and luxury, or adding a private toilet tent.

Because start dates are open guests can take their time to figure out their exact schedule and shop for the best airfares. Once we are informed of the flight itinerary we will update the itinerary to reflect the exact dates.

About Local Moshi Public Group Climbs (Effective October 2022 we no longer offer public group climbs)

  • Because spending more time hiking and acclimatizing on Mt. Kilimanjaro is increasing your chance of reaching the top of Kilimanjaro greatly, our group climbs include a minimum of seven days of hiking.

  • Due to the arrival of Covid our group climbs are now limited to a maximum of 10 climbers.

  • All itineraries include a night before and after your climb.

  • In case your journey to JRO Airport involves a long flight and major time change, we recommend adding an additional night in the hotel to allow proper time to recuperate and be well rested for your climb.

  • If our group climb dates and itineraries don't match your schedule, we offer customized private climbs at competitive pricing to accommodate your group.

  • Group climb pricing is based on two people sharing. Single supplement is available in case you do not wish to share your room or tent

  • Hotel upgrade is available


A Local moshi climber and his guide on top of Kilimanjaro. Machame Route.


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